Anthony Chin
Freelance Website Developer / Graphic Artist
BSc. Computer Science


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Welcome to my personal website is named tony_thescientist Graphics Studio simply because of my graphics work displayed on this site among other things. I provide services such as creating websites, designing logos, banners, etc; I also host websites as well. My site has a free interactive chat feature mainly for my family and friends, but anyone is welcome to chat. There are also some links that might be useful to you .The portfolio section is where my artwork is, using various technologies such as Photoshop, Flash, OpenGL and other technologies. My Studio is the start of a new world in Graphics and is aiming for new heights in areas such as Website Designs/Development, Graphic Designs and 3D animation.

"If you can dream or imagine you can make it a reality "
"My imagnation is in the world of graphics"
"If a picture is worth a thousand words then 3D animation
worth millions"
"Great things happen to those who pursue them"- Five

UG Model

A 3D Model of Natural Sciences of the University of Guyana. Done by Wazir Abdool and I using OpenGL !

Download the sample to see the actual 3D world. UG_Model.zip

Navigation Keys :
(1) Use arrow keys to move around
(2) Use Home and End keys to move up and down
(3) Use Page Up and Page Down keys to look up and down
(4) Use L key to toggle the light effect

My 3D World!!!!

  My Pics with some graphics!!!!


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